MTB Clinic
Trail Hellendoorn

From 55.- for 40.-

For the mountain biker
Who wants to work on his or her mtb technique
wants to work on his or her mtb technique.
For more dynamics and flow
in mountain biking?
The next step in your
mtb adventure.

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MTB clinics, courses, events calendar 2022

Mtb-clinic Trail Hellendoorn (light)advanced SUMMER SALE
Level 2, 3
3.9 July

MTB course Beginners, semi-advanced
Level 1, 2
2, 10, 16 July

"Let your Soul guide your Ride".

In our mountain bike clinics, courses, personal training and skills clinics, we like to share our enthusiasm for the mountain bike sport with you.

Together, we work on more control, balance, feeling with your bike, knowledge of your equipment and insight into the terrain.

Discover how better riding technique can increase your pleasure, confidence and speed on the trails.

Our activities are a mix of explanation, practice of mtb techniques and active riding together on the trails. Because we want to share the fun of biking.

We would like to help you on your way to a relaxed and dynamic mtb experience. Will you join us?

Marleen & Toon

SoulRide MTB Instructors

Soulride MTB = positive atmosphere, thoughtful approach, challenge and nature experience.

What helps you in mountain biking?

1. Basis in order

At SoulRide our clinics focus on the basics of mountain biking: controlled braking, visual techniques in the terrain, body position, shifting, riding in turns and rolling over small obstacles.

2. More challenging terrain

With the basics in order, it is time for rides in more challenging terrain. We take you to various trails in the north of the Netherlands and practice techniques at higher or lower speed.

How do you anticipate the ground? How do you take that little climb with roots smoothly? And can you descend in a relaxed fashion?

3. Improve skills

You ride regularly, but you want to fine-tune specific techniques. Your cornering, for example.

Several aspects come together in this: dosing speed, choice of line, viewing technique, rotating your body and maintaining your grip. A challenge in practice.

4. Tailor-made

We would also be happy to develop an MTB clinic, activity or event that meets your needs.

Think of a personal training to help you cross a threshold or a private clinic for your cycling group, association or team building for your business team.

SoulRide MTB works together with

MTB Hopper Ramps / Kickers

Maurten - Sports nutrition

NL Institute for MTB Guides

Heading for Gieten-Gasselte

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