Hellendoorn - In the Hills

SoulRide MTB is partner for mountain bike clinics from the small-scale holiday park 'In de Heuvelrug' Hellendoorn.
With five luxurious cottages on a large terrain in the middle of nature and right next to several mountain bike routes, this location is the perfect base for a comfortable and active weekend of mountain biking on the Sallandse Heuvelrug.

There is a lot of space in the park: a large meadow for all kinds of activities, a hose down area for the mountain bikes (and your clothes), at each cottage a fire bowl to enjoy the day and a shack full of games.

SoulRide MTB gladly provides - on request - for your company, family or group of friends a clinic.

In de Heuvelrug' is located just north of Hellendoorn. From here, you can quickly reach the Mtb routes of Hellendoorn, Nijverdal, Rijssen and Lemele, among others.

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MTB Light-Advanced and Advanced

Do you feel like riding more technical mtb routes in NL, but lack the skills to do so with confidence? Or do you want to work on your technique for more dynamics and flow in your mountain biking? Then choose this Trail mtb clinic on the Hellendoorn route. Next step in your mtb adventure.

At the end of the clinic, you will have sharpened your Mtb skills, allowing you to make good judgements and experience more confidence and pleasure while riding.

For more info and clinic dates, see our page Mtb-clinic Trail Hellendoorn.

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SoulRide MTB Clinics on the Hillside

At SoulRide MTB everyone experiences a fantastic day on the mountain bike in the woods. Alone or with your partner, friends, family or company.

Complete your stay at "In De Heuvelrug" with a challenging mtb clinic at SoulRide MTB.

Would you like to book a tailor-made clinic on a date of your choice while staying at In de Heuvelrug? Please contact us using the form below or call 06-40001996.
If you want to book a clinic for the next day, please call us instead of emailing us, so we can check together whether there is room and whether an instructor is available.

  • A tailor-made clinic on a date of your choice is possible from € 160 (1 to 3 participants), each additional participant pays € 45.
  • Age from 14 years and a clinic lasts 2.5 hours.
  • We will provide drinks and snacks.

    MTB bends skills Rijssen

    For mountain bikers who are looking for more challenge on the trails. Several aspects come together when riding in curves: dosing speed, applying sight technique, correct body posture, choosing a good line, trimming the bike and maintaining grip. Not easy in practice.

    Would you like to ride more fluently, brake less and learn to take different types of corners better? Join us at the mountain bike route of Rijssen. A challenging route on the Salland Ridge. Perfect to work on together.

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