Safe mountain biking requires good working gear and preparation

Material, safety and nutrition

Safe mountain biking requires that you have properly functioning equipment and that you are prepared. If you are uncertain about your bike, equipment or clothing, please contact us in advance. Bike and material hire is often possible.


Participants are responsible for their own bikes and equipment. In order to participate in a mtb course or clinic, your mountain bike must be in good technical condition. The following minimum requirements apply: the handlebars are fixed and the axles or quick-release skewers in your wheels are fixed; the tyre profile is not worn out and is suitable for the type of terrain; the brakes work properly and brake pads are not worn out; the front fork springs in and out; the gear mechanism is well adjusted and the derailleur works properly so that you can shift smoothly. Furthermore, the grips are fixed to the handlebars and the ends are neatly closed!

The following applies to pedals: we recommend flat pedals for all our activities. Flat pedals are safer than click pedals for training technique such as jumping and cornering and for quickly putting one foot on the ground during an exercise.
Flat pedals are for rent at Soulride and we can put them on your bike before participation. Just make sure your bicycle pedals are not too tight.


A suitable bicycle helmet, with a strap that closes under the chin, is mandatory! We recommend gloves, preferably with long fingers. Goggles protect your eyes from branches and mud. We recommend always cycling in closed shoes and not, for example, in sandals.

Food and clothing

Always bring a water bottle and something to eat (e.g. a muesli bar) for the clinic or trip. Adjust the quantity to the duration of the activity.
We advise you to wear comfortable sports clothing (e.g. cycling shorts with chamois) and to choose clothing that suits the weather forecast. Think also of a (rain) jacket, an extra shirt or sun cream. A small backpack can be useful.
We advise you, especially in rainy weather, to bring a towel and clean clothes for after the clinic.

Weather conditions

Our clinics will take place in bad weather, even with heavy rain. Only in case of dangerous weather conditions such as storm, severe frost or heavy snowfall and in case of code orange or red from KNMI or when a route is closed by, a clinic will be cancelled. We will then find a new date or refund the registration fee.


By participating, we assume that participants have sufficient physical and mental health to participate in an activity. Always choose only an activity that suits your experience, fitness and ability to drive. If there are any health issues (e.g. heart disease, asthma or balance disorder) or medication that we should take into account, we ask participants to inform the instructors beforehand. If in doubt about participation, we advise you to contact us.


SoulRide MTB works with qualified instructors (including first aid diploma) and makes every effort to make sure the activity runs smoothly. However, mountain biking is a sport where a risk of damage, accidents and (permanent) injuries cannot be excluded. By taking part, the participant accepts this risk; participation is therefore at the client's and/or participant's own risk. Except in the case of intent or gross negligence of SoulRide MTB itself, we are not liable for any form of damage or injury before, during or after the activity. See further our General Conditions, which also contain obligations for the participant.