The way to better results in 4 steps!

1# Introductory talk

First meet without obligation and see if it clicks.

Is our approach the solution to your question in training and coaching? Sometimes it is quite difficult to determine independently how to achieve your goals easily or quickly. After an initial no-obligation meeting, you will receive an intake form on which you provide background information about your sporting history and your ambitions. After receiving it, we will discuss the given information, goals and wishes during a face-to-face meeting.

We would like to meet you to see if it clicks. If a personal appointment is not possible because of the distance, we can also arrange it via Skype or Zoom or by phone!

2# Choose your training subscription

Mountain bike, XC, Marathon, Enduro, Coretraining

There are many factors to take into account if you want to get results. That is why personal sports advice from a professional coach is more than welcome.

We do it for you. We help you take the first step towards improving your sport, so that you can actually stick to it. We have put together different training subscriptions in various sports for you to choose from, depending on your needs and your sport level.

3# Personal training schedule

Tailor-made sports coaching

Every athlete who works with us gets a training plan tailored to his or her lifestyle, own level and personality. Which is in balance with relationships, school, work, family and other passions. We leave nothing to chance!

Once the training plan is in place, your mtb coach addresses concerns and roadblocks to ensure that you become confident and trustworthy in the steps you need to take. After any final adjustments to the training plan, the road to improvement towards your goal(s) begins.

4# Measuring = Knowing = Progress

Strengths and weaknesses Physical and Mental

The training software we use helps us to identify your physical strengths and weaknesses, monitor your fitness and track your progress.

We also focus on the mental side. We use the Action Type method to gain insight into the way you want to be coached and deal with setbacks in training, when things don't work out, how to focus, etc. We also take into account your way of moving, learning style, temperament, communication style and what it means for your sporting performance.

Variable training methods

Always looking for what works best for you!

As coaches, we have gathered years of practical experience in competitions and training sessions. We have honed our variable training methods over many years through our own experiences and those of our athletes. We are therefore convinced of their effectiveness.

SoulRide MTB Coaching and Training also consists of looking for innovation in new methods and solutions that we gradually introduce because of the underlying physiological knowledge we have or are acquiring!

Training plan

TrainingPeaks iOS and Android app

Each SoulRide MTB Coach - Training Plan is specifically made to be used within the TrainingPeaks iOS and Android app. Required; a (Free) basic account of TrainingPeaks.

TrainingPeaks is compatible with more than 100 fitness apps and devices. Whether you're an experienced athlete or a recreational athlete, completed workouts are automatically uploaded to TrainingPeaks for you to view, manage and analyse.