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Cross triathlon training coaching Start

Do you, as a fanatic mountain biker, want to combine your sport with running and swimming? Or do you want to train for off-road races as a triathlete? Then you will benefit from personal guidance and tailored training schedules. With our subscription specifically aimed at Crosstriathlon and Duathlon / Run Bike Run we coach you with a good build-up to your goals.

Targeted training Cross Triathlon

Training for a cross triathlon is different from training for a road triathlon. The distances are different: for example a full distance Ironman has other distances on the different parts than an Xterra race. In off road triathlon, the course determines the distances, which are not fixed. And above all, the surface (sand, mud, forest or hills) requires different skills and a training approach aimed at off-road. A cross triathlon is therefore not only about condition and endurance, but also about strength, agility and explosiveness.

Personal training schedules

You decide which challenge you want to take on and which races you will do. For example Fusion Beach, RunForestRun, Renkumse Crosstriathlon or other races. Soulride coaching provides you with a build-up, or periodization towards multiple races. In your personal training schedule you will find training sessions for the elements: mountain biking, (open water) swimming and running. In addition, our method includes training for strength and core stability.

In both cross triathlon and duathlon, the changes between the different race parts also count towards your performance. Therefore we schedule pair training to make sure your changes go smoothly.

We help you keep a variety of sports and adapt your training to your personal situation, schedule and weekly rhythm. Balance is often the key to preventing injuries, maintaining motivation and really getting fit.

If you want to improve your riding technique and your mtb-skills with a trainer of SoulRide, you can book a single clinic or several mtb-clinics at a discount.

Triathlon Coaching: more than just training

In addition to continuity in training and a good approach, there is more to successfully completing a cross triathlon. As an athlete you have to be able to maintain your bike and other equipment and make choices in for example tyres, clothing and nutrition before and during the event. Your SoulRide coach is there to help you with questions and advice on how to meet your goals.

If you want to work on your mtb-technique or improve your skills on open water swimming, you can book a single clinic or several clinics with a discount.

With years of experience in competitive sports we coach you conditionally, technically and mentally to a higher level and the desired result! So that you can start your triathlon adventure fit, trained and on a high level and enjoy it.


  • Beginners - Level 1
  • Light-advanced - Level 2
  • Can be terminated? After the first 1 month
  • When purchased as a training package, duration is 6 months
  • Including TrainingPeaks Athlete Basic ( Free ) account
  • More information, see below

Personalised sports coaching

  • Intake interview by telephone/online
  • Professional guidance in training & coaching
  • Coaching conversation by telephone 2x per month
  • Feedback on your training 2x per month
  • Interim adjustment 2x per month
  • Interim availability Email | WhatsApp
  • Cancellable on a weekly basis? After the first 1 month.

Tailor-made training schedules per month

  • Training schedule (mountain biking + swimming + running)
  • Training schedule (Corestability)
  • Made for use with power meter or heart rate monitor
  • Incl. personal match or event periodisation

TrainingPeaks Basic account

  • Training plan suitable for TrainingPeaks iOS and Android apps.
  • Required; a (Free) basic account of TrainingPeaks.

Working method

#1 - Intake interview online or by telephone

After an initial meeting, you will receive an intake form by e-mail in which you provide background information about your sporting history and your ambitions. In an intake interview we will discuss this information and your goals for mountain biking, running and swimming.

#2 - Discuss and create training plan.

After the intake, we make a training schedule and plan a starting date. At the beginning we also start with a few tests to determine what your zones are, so that you can start training properly and with focus.

#3 - Weekly personalised training schedules

Each training session is uniquely written and tailored to your goals, experience, age, gender, body type and schedule. You will receive your weekly training schedule via Trainingpeaks. In this training software app, you can provide feedback on the training sessions you have completed and upload your training data from your cycling computer or smartwatch. We will provide you with feedback!

#4 - Telephone coaching call 1x per week

Every week we will discuss your progress on a mental, sporting and social level, give you tips on how to reach your goals, pay attention to keeping you motivated and having fun, and adjust your training where necessary. Short questions can be asked via email or WhatsApp, and where necessary we will call in our partners if our experience is not enough.

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