For whom?

  • Level: 2 / 3: for the (slightly) advanced mountain biker

Duration, group size, what to bring

  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Incl. break for food and drink
  • Group size: Minimum 5 - maximum 10 participants
  • Guidance: Certified MTB instructor incl. first aid
  • Bring your own filled water bottle and lunch
  • Drinks and sweets will be provided

Start location

  • Mtb route Hellendoorn, starting point in Nijverdal.
  • Start from: Parking Pool De Ravijn
  • Address: Piet Heinweg 16, 7441 GZ Nijverdal

Practical information

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Mtb clinic Trail Intermediate Hellendoorn

Discover and improve your mtb technique for more flow in mountain biking

Do you feel like riding more technical mtb routes in NL, but lack the skills to do so with confidence? Or do you want to work on your technique for more dynamics and flow in your mountain biking? Then choose this Trail mtb clinic. The next step in your mtb adventure.

Alternating techniques in the field

More and more mtb routes in the Netherlands are becoming more technical. This requires you, as a mountain biker, to be agile and balanced, to alternate quickly between the right technique, to have a forward-looking view and the right timing.

We go to the Hellendoorn route, a route that is high up in the Top 10 of There is plenty of challenge here: longer climbs, variation in surface with roots, forest soil and sand, fast descents, steeper bends and nice little bowls with short twists that follow each other. Beautiful surroundings and varied terrain on the Sallandse Heuvelrug.

Approach and structure

You will be taught by an experienced, qualified MTB instructor. The clinic is tailored to the level, condition and learning needs of the participants. This way you will receive specific tips.

At SoulRide the emphasis is on methodically learning and improving basic and advanced mtb skills, in addition to having fun together. We do exercises, repeat segments of the route and of course make room for questions about cycling. After this mtb clinic, your technique will be on a higher level, you will know what the different sections require of you and you will ride the route with more confidence. On to more fun and flow on the trails!

What do I learn in the mountain bike clinic?

  • Correct posture and weight distribution
  • Driving different curves, applying viewing technique and rotation
  • Switching under pressure
  • Good use and moments of braking
  • Loading and unloading your bike for more grip
  • Sitting and standing climbing, including over roots
  • Exploring options in line choices
  • Riding on and over natural obstacles on the mtb route
  • Driving around low obstacles or drops


55.00 VAT incl.

SUMMER SALE 2022 From 65,- for 55,- Be there!

Clinic will continue from min. 5 participants 


You can also book this mtb clinic as your own group or on a custom basis!

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