For whom?

  • Level: 1 for mountain biker beginners

Duration, group size, what to bring

  • Duration per lesson: 2.5 hours
  • Start 10:00 to 12:30
  • Incl. break for food and drink
  • Group size: Minimum 5 - maximum 10 participants
  • Incl. break for food and drink
  • Guidance: Certified MTB instructor incl. first aid
  • Bring your own filled water bottle and lunch
  • We provide a hot drink and some goodies
  • Bike and equipment rental is possible

Start location

Practical information

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MTB course beginners

3 MTB lessons of 2.5 hours

Do you have the feeling that the trees and bends are coming at you too fast or that a tree root or a forest bump is just one size too big? Do you want to know and discover how you can improve your mtb skills? As an instructor, we will help you do this so that you can sit on your mountain bike feeling good and enjoying your freedom in nature. In our course Mountain Biking Beginners in 3 mtb lessons, we work with the basics: posture, controlled braking, viewing technique, balance, riding in turns and rolling over small obstacles. With the right mtb technique, insight into the terrain and knowledge of your equipment, we will help you on your way to a safe, relaxed and sporty experience. Would you like to join us?

Structure and approach

The mtb course consists of 3 lessons of 2,5 hours on Sunday morning. This way, we work in a fixed group, you grow together and get to know other mountain bikers. The mtb course is bi-weekly so you can try what you have learned in between rides.
At SoulRide we work in an open and positive atmosphere. The lessons are a mix of explanation, practicing technique, enjoy riding through the terrain, enjoying being active in nature and information about material. We give personal, specific tips and make room for interaction in the group. Because you want to share the fun of biking.


We have pre-selected parts of the Appelscha and Gieten-Gasselte mountain bike routes with different types of terrain. Mountainbiking in the beautiful nature: forest, heath and with a view on one of the most beautiful lakes of the Netherlands: 't Nije Hemelriek. You can participate in the mtb course at your own pace. We ride few kilometres, so a basic condition is sufficient.

What do I learn in the Course?

  • Safe on the road: check your bike and equipment
  • Body position when riding, climbing and descending
  • Pedal position appropriate to the curve and surface
  • Dosed braking and emergency braking
  • Shifting gears and selecting the right gear
  • Balance on the bike
  • Basic cornering and viewing technique
  • Driving over low obstacles


155.00 VAT incl.

The mtb course consists of 3 lessons of 2.5 hours on Sunday mornings
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