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  • Advanced - Levels 2, 3
  • Advanced - Level 4
  • Competition athletes XC
  • Can be terminated? After the first 2 months
  • Incl. TrainingPeaks Athlete Premium account - To measure = To know

MTB Training and Coaching Race XC

Improve your mtb technique, tactics, strength and explosiveness with the subscription MTB Training and Coaching XC Race. Mountain biking is an intensive sport that differs from cycling. Our mtb technique and tactics training focuses more on power and explosiveness in race situations. We let you discover how to race better, improve your skills and make a training build-up for a race season.

Train more effectively with XC mtb coaching

Your mtb training is in a tailor-made training schedule for you. We work with the online programme TrainingPeaks. This allows you to download the training to, for example, a sports watch or bike computer and upload it after training. We combine your training data with your perception of the training and our experience to improve your mtb training. With years of experience in competitive sports, we coach you conditionally, technically and mentally to a better result!

Tailored to the races you want to ride, the distances, courses and types of terrain they take place in, we make a periodisation and weekly personalised training schedules. They contain different types of training, including strength training and core stability. We focus on improving fitness, climbing performance, strength and explosiveness.

More than just training: also knowledge and skills

In addition to continuity in training, there is more to cycling than cross-country or enduro races. In order to perform well, you have to be able to maintain your material and make choices in for example tyres, clothing and nutrition before and during a race. Your SoulRide coach can give you tips and advice on these matters.

Attention to balance

In our coaching sessions and training schedules, we pay a lot of attention to you as an athlete. How do you work on those mtb-dreams, have you set goals? What choices do you make to fit training into your schedule of work, obligations from school, for example, and having attention for family or friends? Do you make time for relaxation and recovery, how do you build healthy routines so you can continue to perform well and achieve your goals, not only in terms of sport. Because in the long run, balance makes you stronger as an athlete.


If you want to improve your riding technique and your mtb-skills with a trainer of SoulRide, you can book a single clinic or several mtb-clinics at a discount.

Personalised sports coaching

  • Intake interview by telephone or online
  • Professional guidance in training & coaching
  • Telephone coaching call 1x per week
  • Feedback on your training sessions 1x per week
  • Interim adjustment 1x per week
  • Reachable via Email | WhatsApp daily
  • Cancellable on a weekly basis? After the first 2 months.

Tailor-made training schedules per week

  • Training schedule (MTB Duration + Interval + Power)
  • Training schedule (Corestability)
  • Made for use with power meter or heart rate monitor
  • Incl. personal match or event periodisation

Match scheduling

  • Match time per quarter
  • Feedback on your matches per quarter

Incl. TrainingPeaks Premium account

  • Training plan suitable for TrainingPeaks iOS and Android apps.
  • Required; a (Free) basic account of TrainingPeaks.
  • We provide upgrade to premium (included in the price)
MTB marathon training coaching

Working method

#1 - Intake interview online or by telephone

After an initial meeting, you will receive an intake form on which you provide background information about your sporting history and ambitions. In an intake interview we discuss this information and your sporting goals and ambitions.

#2 - Discuss and create training plan.

After the intake, we make a training schedule and plan a starting date. At the beginning we also start with a few tests to determine what your zones are, so that you can start training properly and with focus.

#3 - Weekly personalised training schedules

Each training session is uniquely written and tailored to your goals, experience, age, gender, body type and schedule. You will receive your weekly training schedule via Trainingpeaks. In this training software app, you can provide feedback on the training sessions you have completed and upload your training data from your cycling computer or smartwatch. We will provide you with feedback!

#4 - Telephone coaching call 1x per week

Every week we will discuss your progress on a mental, sporting and social level, give you tips on how to reach your goals, pay attention to keeping you motivated and having fun, and adjust your training where necessary. Short questions can be asked via email or WhatsApp, and where necessary we will call in our partners if our experience is not enough.

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